Monk Dreams

In the remote region of Ladakh, Northern India an unusual monk created something out of nothing. He decided to help his people,  creating a community based on education and Buddhist principles. Proving that with faith, vision, and determination, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Monk Dreams sheds a radiant light on the inspirational life and work of Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena and the vibrant Buddhist community of Mahabodhi Devachan ~ a heavenly abode manifested out of the sand and rock of a desert landscape on the roof of the world.

Conceived out of one man’s selfless vision and faithful commitment to the beleaguered inhabitants of his mountainous homeland, and brought to fruition through the determined efforts of numerous sponsors, supporters and well-wishers, the Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre represents the achievement of the seemingly impossible through collaboration, teamwork and a single guiding vision, and has developed into a shining beacon of hope and inspiration for so many.
Sharing the colourful sights and resonant sounds of enlightened activity as it is played out in the daily lives of the young, the aged, the sick and the dying, all of whom have been provided with a safe and secure refuge from poverty and ill-treatment in a rapidly changing world, this intimate portrait of the Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre will certainly inspire the heart and will hopefully encourage all to realise their dreams through the positive power of faith, vision and determination.

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