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Polly’s passions include traveling, living, and working around the world, telling stories that inspire and raise awareness, and embodying spiritual connection.

She was on the global road for ten years as a professional whitewater kayaker, which eventually led her to start her own production company Flair Films.

She also works as a psychic medium, breathworker, and yoga/meditation teacher.

American born, she is a New Zealand resident, and currently lives in Indonesia.

Polly has always had a thirst for adventure and her kayaking accomplishments include:  all female first kayak descent of rivers in Bhutan, and kayaking expeditions in over 25 countries.

She was the New Zealand National Freestyle Kayak Champion for two years, represented New Zealand and America at the World Freestyle Kayak Championships, and was ranked 5th in the World in 2002.

Polly’s filmmaking journey began whilst on a National Geographic 5 week sea kayaking expedition in Vietnam.

Her kayaking travels brought her to a small village in Uganda where she produced, directed and shot her first documentary, Nomads, a multi- award winning short documentary about three white-water kayaking women who give back to the local village they are staying in.

Polly was the primary filmmaker for Blue Planet Run, a 95 day, 24 hour relay run around the world, covering over 15,000 miles, through 16 countries. While on the road, Polly shot and edited 14 segments that were uploaded from remote locations, and posted on the web. She has also produced Running for Water a documentary about the run and the clean drinking water issue.

Polly returned to Uganda in 2009 to film Soft Power Health a short documentary about Dr. Jessie Stone’s work educating local Ugandans about Malaria.

She went on to produce, direct, shoot and edit GAME, which was born from Polly’s own journey of self discovery while making a kayaking comeback training for the 2011 world championships. While training she filmed her whole journey creating video blogs as she went along. The final  film evolved into an inside look into the hearts and minds of the top female freestyle kayakers as they prepare and compete in the 2011 World Championships.

While on an adventurous cycling/kayaking trip in Northern India, Polly met an inspiring and unusual monk. She decided to stay in the remote region of Ladakh for 2 months where she wrote, directed, shot, and edited her short film Monk Dreams.

Most recently she wrote, shot, and directed ONE – Protect The Nile River, a short film about protecting the Nile River in Uganda from being lost forever by the construction of the Isimba Dam.

Polly has also worked in front of the camera as talent for National Geographic Channel.

Her passions include Ashtanga yoga, meditation, India, kayaking, surfing, cycling, adventure, personal growth, living in other cultures, and being of service.

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